AJ JOVI wants to be part of your project

Experience, ambition and responsiveness

AJ Jovi is a family-owned company that has been growing step by step, according to the needs that the market has set. We have an infrastructure and operational capacity that allows us to face great challenges.

Our aim is to achieve maximum competitiveness, offering exclusive products, proven brands and a careful service and the best work focused on the smallest detail.

Professionalism, training capacity and high technology

Our team is made up of highly qualified and specialized operators in each area, who are in constant training to be able to attend to new market trends.

AJ Jovi has the approval of the Aluminier-Technal network, made up of companies with a high level of professionalism, with the best trained operators. Being a part of this network is an innovative business position that seeks the ideal solutions for each project, even if it’s a new construction or a rehabilitation..

Research, development and innovation

We like to imagine a better world and that is why we research new products, finishes and techniques.

We work together with our main suppliers in the development of new materials.

Our R+D+I department is always attentive to market trends and provides constant innovations that improve our services and products.

To reinforce our commitment to quality, we have incorporated the ISO 9001 standard.

Quality policy

AJ JOVI, guarantees the quality of the products it offers so that the client does not feel disappointed and to ensure the success and satisfaction of a well done job. We also take care of the environment and for all this we follow these principles:

  1. Achieving customer satisfaction.
  2. Offering the highest quality of its products and services.
  3. Detecting the lack of quality in products nor services and eliminate it, applying a continuous process improvement.
  4. Having a documentation control system that ensures the treatment and fulfillment of customer requirements, expressed in plans and specifications.
  5. The implication of the internal organization, the motivation and training of the operators to achieve the objectives of the company.
  6. Minimizing unjustified absenteeism, which may cause delays in the delivery times of our products.
  7. Helping to pollute less, ensuring maximum recycling of the waste generated.
  8. Complying with the legal requirements derived from their work.

Financing to your measure

AJ Jovi in orther to offer coverage to all projects, wants to help you make your reforms come true..

If you want to change your windows, install a new garage door or anything that improves your home or business, we provide you a 100% financing at 0% interest and thus help you carry out your project.

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Projects come true

We show you the latest projects carried out by AJ Jovi where our professional team makes every effort to make your wishes come true within the agreed deadlines.


AJ Jovi in the World

Our company, made up of qualified personnel, travels to any part of the World to carry out your project with the maximum guarantees of success.

Our delegation in Africa gives us coverage to large projects on this continent.

We trust in this brands

We work with the best brands on the market to guarantee top quality finishes.